Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Soccer Practice - Soccer Camp Worked

Our 6-year old is one day away from starting 1st grade and today he had his first soccer practice with his new team for the fall season. He was excited all day about going to practice, however, when we got there and it was anywhere between 90-95 degrees, he wasn't quite as excited.

But I am happy to report that he seems much more interested in getting into the action than he did last year.  Aside from him tackling the two boys that took the ball away from him during a drill(I think he has been wrestling too much with Grandpa),  he really showed improvement from last year.  And most importantly, he was having fun. 

Soccer camp and his Coach Ollie gave him a great boost of confidence.  

And I was thrilled at how ready he was for bed on his first "school night." I can't believe he starts 1st grade tomorrow!

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