Monday, January 17, 2011

Bachelor Week 3

Let me first start by saying this episode was heavily produced!

If a girl was truly as crazy and needy as the show made single-mom from Utah, Michelle, look, there is no way Brad would have kept her around. These two girls, along with every girl that got some time alone with Brad, dropped some heavy information on Brad. While he was very perceptive and appreciative, he never seemed to share anything about himself, or at least they never showed that to us. It was a relief when America's favorite, Emily, shared with Brad the tragic story of how she lost the love of her life and found out she was pregnant with his baby all in the same week! And at the age of 18!

It moved so many of the girls that the vampire-loving model, Madison, decided to leave so that girls who "need" to be there can get their shot. (Does anyone really "need" to be there?) But at least this model went out in a chivalrous way, unlike Rozlyn from Jake's season of the Bachelor.

My eye is definitely the Chantal's. Yes, there are two of them. They both fit Brad's first season m.o. of good looking brunettes. (Rumor has it, I could be right!)

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