Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Day of Pre-K

It's funny...I was so excited and happy when my son started Pre-K last August, but I found myself tearing up today while I watched him have his last day of Pre-K. While he seems totally oblivious to everything, I am sad that the year is over. Of course there is the obvious reason why I am sad...I know need to figure out what to do to fill those 3 hours of time every day, but more importantly, he is growing up right before our eyes.

I was happy to see that his teacher was emotional about it being the last day of the school year, too. I even started crying as I hugged his teacher goodbye. I am such an emotional sap!

For the last day of the year, his class had a little picnic that Lauren and I were lucky enough to be invited to. As always, it is so fun to see all the kids interact and try to remember what it was like to be his age. It's fun watching the world through their eyes.

Jacob said goodbye to his friends and his teachers and Lauren said goodbye to her favorite Snow White costume (the one she had to find every morning when we dropped him off for class. And I mean every morning!).

Although it is only May, I suppose it is time to bring on summer vacation!

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