Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight's LOST Episode - That Was So 10 Weeks Ago

It was so thrilling to watch the LOST scenes we saw filmed while on our vacation at Turtle Bay Resort finally aired tonight. It was a trip to see they at one point even had the same camera angle from our looky-lou perspective when Sawyer and the crew were walking up the beach. And yes, 10 weeks ago we knew that Sun and Jin would be reunited.
My husband and I were amazed at how they used lighting to brighten up our running trail. So many of the scenes in tonight's episode like when they were sitting in front of the banyan tree and when Kate and Sawyer went swimming out to the boat were areas where we went running. (By the way, the beach Sawyer and Kate swam out of was the same one the entire group came walking up on. That's the power of CGI.)
But as for what comes next on this show...I have no clue. The film crew had packed up and left by the last day of our trip. I am still looking forward to how in the world they are going to wrap up this show. I just hope they don't pull a shower/dream scene (circa Dallas in the 1980's) or aliens as the explanation as in the last installment of the Indiana Jones series. I guess we will just have to watch and see.


Alison said...

I thought of your blog while I was watching last night!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Oh Alison,
That is so sweet of you! Isn't the show getting so good!?! I really hope it continues this way for the rest of the series!

nanny said...

How fun to watch "your" episode....that's neat! Bet you wished you were back at Turtle Bay!!!

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