Monday, November 16, 2009

My Daughter Didn't Want to Open Her Birthday Presents...Clearly Not a Child of Mine!

We celebrated my daughter's 2nd birthday yesterday with family and friends. It was a hodge podge theme of superheroes like The Incredibles, Spider-Man, the Monster vs. Aliens characters, Wonder Woman and, oh yeah, she had to have a Monsters, Inc. jumpy house.

She had a blast playing with all her little friends and jumping in the jumpy house. But this is where she totally surprised me. She had no desire to open any of her presents. Everyone assembled in the living room to watch her open them, she took the card off the first present and then bailed. She ran into the other room to find an earlier gift she had received from Grandma and Grandpa... her Cozy Coupe (or as I like to call it, her Fred Flinstone car). She decided driving the cozy coupe around was much more exciting that opening present. What!?!

All the other kids were sitting waiting to see what she got. And of course, her brother was chomping at the bit to "help her" open her presents. I sat there looking at all the guests asking, "what do I do now?" Everyone pretty much told me I should just open the presents. But instead, I let all the bigger kids open her presents and then they showed her the gift to see if she liked it. Some she took to, other she just walked away like the interaction had never happened...too funny!

My little two year old never ceases to amaze me! But it was a great party, nevertheless, and now I have about 20 left over cupcakes and a yummy cake staring me in the face...any takers???


.:Then Comes Wife:. said...

I miss my moon bounce days! This looks like a great party :)

nanny said...

When my grandson was 2, he cried and cried and would not open his gifts....he did not like being the center of

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