Friday, November 13, 2009

First Fish to Get Flushed

I am sad to report that one of the gold fish the kids received as a party favor last weekend is no longer with us. The kids and I flushed Yellow down the toilet so she could go back to the ocean to be with her mommy and daddy (pulled that idea from Finding Nemo).

Luckily the kids weren't sad about Yellow having to "go back home." They are excited that Nya is still around, too. But why is it Mommy is sad about it? I suppose it is because I know the toilet doesn't lead to the ocean.
Oh well, goodbye Yellow. Thanks for five days of great memories!


Dancinghotdogs said...

You are so sweet. I am positive Yellow is happy somewhere.

Melanie said...

Awww...this is so sad. I had a goldfish that jumped out it's bowl when I was a kid. Very cute blog...I will subscribe.

Then Comes Wife: A Manhattan Wife's Journey Back to Tradition

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Yes, I agree Yellow is in a happier place now, and luckily my kids are still thrilled just to have Nya!

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