Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Advice #2 for Expecting Moms

At the end of your third trimester, naturally you think about your trip to the hospital and what you need to pack. While most lists from your doctor and/or hospital will tell you everything you need to bring, there is one key item they leave off...the nursing pillow. Sure, the list might mention a pillow, and every TV show you'll see will show a pregnant woman being wheeled in with her favorite bed pillow. But the hospital has plenty of pillows. The pillow you need is the nursing pillow.

The Boppy is by far the most popular nursing pillow, but I will shout until I am blue in the face that the Brest Friend nursing pillow is THE best nursing pillow. Click here to check out my dissertation on why you should use the Brest Friend.


The Mrs. said...

If I did it again I think I'd go with this one too!

jiji said...

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