Sunday, August 16, 2009

Advice #3 for Expecting Moms

So, I mentioned bringing a nursing pillow to the hospital when you go into labor. Now that you have the gear, here is a quick piece of advice that seems like a no brainer, but as an exhausted first time mom, you will be surprised what you forget.

When nursing your child in the hospital make sure to sit up. Again, I know this sounds like a no brainer, but I thought I was sitting up in my hospital bed trying to nurse and still had such a tough time. But it wasn't until I actually sat in a chair that I realized how reclined I was in the hospital bed. And trust me, sitting up, and even a little forward, makes a huge difference when you are nursing. Gravity really does work!

If you attended any sort of prenatal classes, you probably saw a birthing video where it showed a newborn find his/her mother's breast and immediately start nursing. With my first child, I waited for an hour for him to find it...he never did. Naturally, I was confused because the video said this would happen. But I quickly learned I had to take a much more active role.

If you choose to nurse in your hospital bed (as most new mommies do because someone else is usually sitting in the chair in your room!), I highly recommend sitting up in bed with your legs crossed in front of you with your nursing pillow on your lap.

Another little hint: after even just a few days of nursing, you may notice your shoulders shrugging forward, your back hurting, and possibly even some tension headaches. Make an effort to pull your shoulders back and stand (or sit) with the best posture possible. Your back will thank you for it later!


Kristen B. said...

Thanks for all of your advice. As an expecting mom, I really appreciate hearing your experiences and what you learned from them. Great blog!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Kristen, thanks for the kind words. They are always nice to hear! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and stay tuned for more advice for expecting moms!

The Mrs. said...

Great advice! My back was killlllling me and I had no idea I was slouching breastfeeding!

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