Thursday, July 30, 2009

So Mad at Gap, Inc.

For the past hour, I have been looking at all of the Gap, Inc. websites because they are having a fabulous Give and Get 30% off program starting today through Sunday. My husband had to cash in AMEX points and he opted for Gap, Inc. gift cards for me. (Isn't he a gem!) For some reason AMEX cashed the points into small denomination gift cards, which of course, is a pain to enter in all 16 million numbers on the back of the card. But if it is what I have to do, it is what I have to do.

So, my total hits just over $150 and I qualify for free shipping...score! I then begin to enter in my gift cards. I enter in 2 gift cards successfully. Then I enter the 16-digit code on the back of my third card and get an error message..."You are only allowed to use two gift cards per purchase."

What!?!?! Why does it matter if I have more than two gift cards? Does it overload the system? Is it illegal in Gap-land to have more than 2 gift cards. Do you think I want to have more than two gift cards? Here's the quick answer, Gap, Inc...NO, I don't!!! But I had to take what was given to me by AMEX.

Then I thought to call customer service. Yeah, they closed at 2a.m. was 11:05p.m. PST when I attempted my call.

Am I upset...oh, just a wee bit. What a waste of over an hour. I can assume that the items will stay in my shopping bag, but who knows if they will still be around tomorrow morning if and when I call customer service again to rip them a new one - I mean kill them with kindness!

URGGGHHH! Oh, and I just missed Chelsea Lately as a result of it! Double URGGGHHH!!!


Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Here's some follow up. So I called customer service this morning and I can't use more that 2 gift cards over the phone either!!! The only way I can use gift cards for my entire purchase is if I go into the store and ask them to combine my gift cards! Lame!

Kim O. said... does the same thing, except they only accept one at a time! I agree, very frustrating...if only their Gap's kids clothes weren't so darn cute!!!:)

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