Monday, July 27, 2009

Bachelorette Finale - She Says Yes to Ed!

Yes, I know after the awful ending to last season's Bachelor I said I would never watch the show again. Well...I lied!

Just when I thought the show couldn't add any more "production value," they had #3 guy, Reid, come back and attempt to propose to her on tonight's season finale. (Oh, and don't think that I didn't catch the volcano erupting after Jillian and Ed started making out, ABC!)

Thankfully, she didn't waiver and stuck to her guns and chose Ed. My husband said it was lame that they didn't jump in the pool after they got engaged. But I quickly told him, "Hello! That is what Jason and Melissa did and they don't want that curse!"

Now, let's just see how they are doing tomorrow night on the After the Rose show. Hopefully they are still together.
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