Monday, June 1, 2009 Worth it or Not?

Several months ago I told you about a cool way to save money the next time you go out to But finally, I got the opportunity to test it out myself last month.

First of all, let me start by saying, a $25 restaurant gift certificate for only 2 bucks sounds too good to be true. Oh yeah, because it is. In most cases, with a $25 gift certificate, you have a minimum purchase of $35, for example. You are obviously saving $23 in this example, but you aren't getting something for nothing, as I so dream of!

After my Chelsea Lately experience, we decided to check out Pane e Vino in L.A. and they had gift certificates. (The girls from THE HILLS filmed a scene there, so I hoped it would be good. Pathetic, I know.) There were actually several gift certificate options ranging from $25 to $100, with a minimum purchase ranging from $35 to $200. When I called Pane e Vino about making reservations, they said that they have been receiving a few of these gift certificates a day, so people are certainly seeing the value in trying it.

Our meal there was very good. Have I been to better Italian restaurants, yes. (I lived in Italy for 6 months.) Have I been to worse, most definitely. They did make a lobster risotto that was absolutely divine. We ate on a wonderful outside dining patio that would make a wonderful spot for a big gathering like a rehearsal dinner or birthday party.

To sum it all up: I had a great time at the Chelsea Lately taping, ate at a great restaurant, and saved money in the process. This frugal, fun loving mom is happy!

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The Mrs. said...

So glad you tried it and told us about it! I loove pane vino just for that patio! Haven't been in ages!

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