Monday, January 26, 2009

Will Everyone Just Get Off Jessica Simpson's Back!

If you haven't heard or seen it by now, there is a picture (actually several) of Jessica Simpson performing at a chili cook-off hosted by a Florida radio station this past weekend. And as everyone has mentioned, the pictures are not flattering...well, at least up to typical Hollywood standards. And all I can say is, give the girl a break.

Yes, her "mom jeans" and double animal print belt made for a terrible outfit, but so what if she has gained weight. She is human, right?

It wasn't too long ago that most men on the planet were fantasizing about her body in The Dukes of Hazzard movie in which she played Daisy Duke. (And when women were wishing they had her body.) Quite frankly, I still think a majority of women would rather have her current figure than their own. And besides, she is a protein shake and trainer away from having that body again, if she wants it.
In a world full of teenage girls with eating disorders, I really think her weight shouldn't be made such an issue.
Her fashion sense(or lack there of), on the other hand, is fair game!
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The Mrs. said...

I agree. But those jeans are awful and there's just no excuse for that! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Can't she afford a stylist anymore? Her hair extension sales have to bring her in some money, right? I guess that is what happens after you divorce Nick Lachey...everything goes down hill!

Shelly said...

I know that celebrities usually get clothes before the rest of the world, but please don't tell me those pants are going to be available to the general public anytime soon!

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