Sunday, November 2, 2008

Playground Etiquette

Last week my kids and I went to the park. Of course, my son loves the playground most, and he can't get enough of the swings. The entire walk to the park, my son was talking about how high he wanted to fly when he was on the swings.

We get to the park, and both the swings are taken by a brother and sister, roughly the same age as my kids. My son was upset, but he also was patient and agreed to wait his turn. He made it very obvious that he wanted to play on the swings by asking me nicely several times, "Mommy, is it my turn to ride of the swings now?" I told him that he had to wait his turn, and he actually didn't freak out.

But here is my issue...the mother of the those two kids on the swings knew my son wanted to play on the swings. But instead of letting her kids play on the swings for another 5 or 10 minutes, we stood around waiting 20 minutes until she finally took her kids off the swings.

Maybe I am crazy, but I think that was very rude of her. My kids have been on the swings many times when other kids on the playground want to play on the swings, too, so I usually pull my kids off the swings after no more than 5 minutes. You know, to share. And I just couldn't believe how she apparently decided to ignore us and didn't show any social etiquette.

Obviously, there are much bigger issues to tackle these days. But I just was just so flabbergasted by the situation that I had to share it with you.

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Jamie Waxler said...

I totally agree. She is not teaching her children a good lesson by acting this way.

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