Monday, November 3, 2008

10 Second Kiss - What a Concept

For those of you that may have caught Oprah today, you heard all about the 10 second kiss. The entire show today revolved around intimacy and romance. Oprah even elicited the help of a sex therapist for the show.

But the 10 second kiss was the #1 homework assignment given. It's simple. Kiss for 10 seconds...not just the peck you have grown so used to.
So for all you married or dating people out there, I dare you to try the 10 second kiss when you see your significant other for the first time that day. Who knows, you may get that giddy feeling you got when you first started dating. I just hope I don't get caught up in counting to ten...that's a long time!

Happy kissing!
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1 comment:

Bertie said...

That is an AWESOME rule!:)

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