Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shoe Shopping Made Simple at

GUESS by Marciano - Sharika (Black Patent) - Footwear

I used to love shoe shopping...well, that is until I had two kids in tow. Now shoe shopping is pretty non-existent, with the exception of online gazing. But I have always thought buying shoes online is such a pain because you don't know what the shoes will look like on you, and if you don't like them, you are stuck.

That all changed recently. I have a wedding I am attending in a couple of months and I need new shoes for the dress I bought. And like most moms out there, I don't have time to go shoe shopping at actual stores. Enter

On this site, you can search by one or all of the following categories: style, shoe size, heel height, shoe width, color and price.

Once you have found the right shoe(s) for you, free shipping and returns are standard on all purchases. And what I love even more, you have up until a year to return your purchase...fantastic, I know!

So for any bride-to-be out there that can't decide on her wedding day shoe, you can buy as many shoes as you want, keep the one you like best with your dress, and return all the others...for free!

And, of course, even if it isn't your wedding day, you can follow this same idea.

Kate Spade - Hudson (Dark Grey Tweed/Grey Crocco Print) - Footwear

Oh, and did I mention sells handbags, clothes, accessories, electronics, and lots of other cool stuff. Free shipping and returns...unless you can somehow find a better price on the shoe, you really can't beat that deal when it comes to online shopping.

Shown above GUESS by Marciano - Sharika (Black Patent) $89; Kate Spade - Hudson (Dark Grey Tweed/Grey Crocco Print) $352

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Jessica C. said...

I just read about Zappos in the Reader's Digest. It was in an article about the greatest deals. I have to check it out!

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