Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stroller Exchange

Need a stroller...find one.

Want to get rid of a stroller...sell one.

It is that simple...well, at least on it is!

Stroller Exchange is a fantastic idea - brought to us by - that is basically a Craig's List devoted to the swapping of strollers and their accessories.

Here's what you do: You list your stroller with a description, price, pictures and contact information. Interested buyers will contact you through an integrated notification system. Hurry! All listings are free until October 1st and run for 45 days.
If you are looking for a stroller, you can simply browse through the baby jogger stroller categories menu or just use the quick search option in the top left side of the homepage. When you find something you like, contact the seller through the integrated contact system.

So what are you waiting for? Exchange strollers!

1 comment:

Jane S. said...

What a cool website! Thanks for sharing!

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