Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tip for Introducing Baby Foods

Transitioning a baby from exclusively milk to baby food can be fun and exciting, and yet a chore at the same time. Here is a quick tip I learned from my pediatrician that worked like a charm for my 3-year old and so far is going well for my 6 month old.

Most doctors will encourage you to start with rice cereal first. (Bonus tip: if your baby becomes constipated from rice cereal, which many babies do, you can also feed him/her oatmeal - in the baby section at the grocery store - and this seems to help your baby go!)

When you start introducing foods other than cereal, start with green vegetables first. As much as you are going to be tempted and excited to feed your baby applesauce and pears, save that until they have firmly established a palette for veggies (green vegetables, in particular). Obviously, 99.9% of us would say that fruits taste better than vegetables. But a baby doesn't know that. If you start with fruit first, you may never get your baby to like vegetables, and you will have an uphill battle the rest of his/her life.

So there's my feeding tip...please share your tips, too!

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Jamie said...

Thanks for the tip. I wish I would have known this a couple years ago when my daughter was eating baby food. She doesn't like to eat vegetables to this day (she is 6) and it probably started way back when I started her with applesauce before any vegetables.

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