Friday, April 4, 2008

March Madness - Why Does it have to Go into April?!?

Let's start with a scary statistic...1.2 billion dollars is the estimated amount of money employers nationwide could lose in productivity during the NCAA Men's basketball tournament because employees are spending too much time on filling out the perfect bracket.

Not to mention, however much your spouse (or even you) decided to put into the pool for the bracket. (Of course, you are not gambling, though, because that would be illegal!)

Well, luckily, we are down to the Final 4. Memphis, Kansas, UCLA, and North Carolina will be competing this Saturday for a chance at the championship game.
So, hopefully you haven't lost your shirt or your house in this bracket mumbo jumbo...but if you have a sports fan in the house like I do, I am sure you will be watching college hoops this weekend!

Here are a couple quick pieces of trivia about NCAA basketball to wow your spouse with. Kansas, UCLA and North Carolina have combined for 17 national titles and 48 Final Four trips. Secondly, probably the most famous NBA player ever, Michael Jordan, led North Carolina to one of their many national titles.

Oh, and another note of interest...all the teams in the final four have blue in their school colors, thus their uniforms. So if your spouse asks you who you want to win, just say the blue team!

1 comment:

Jody said...

I tried the blue team thing with my husband. He was impressed that I even knew all the teams wore blue. Thanks for the tips!

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