Monday, December 10, 2007

Create a Treat Ginger Bread House

Okay, so I don't know how many of you have seen the ginger bread house kits at Costco or if any of you have used them. I have noticed them at Costco the past couple of years but decided to buy one this year. Yesterday, my 2-1/2 year old and I put it together...and it was so much fun. It comes with very simple to follow instructions and the house actually stays together!

I was worried about me eating the candy, but quickly realized my son would be the one to watch for. After each candy he put in his mouth he said, "Mmm, that's good!" I think I heard that phrase at least 30 times...but luckily, no tummy aches.

As we were putting it together, I thought of a few other fun things you can do with this ginger bread kit. In true Monica Gellar fashion, you could buy several of these kits (only $8.99 at Costco) and have a decorating contest at your holiday know, maybe 3 to 5 people on each team designing their own house. But if you think that is too cheesy for adults, it could also be a great activity for a kids' holiday party. Or, just like my son and I, it is a great project for the family to work on together.

In my opinion, it is well worth the $8.99. To find out more about this ginger bread house kit and other "sweet" projects, check out Create A Treat.


hiphostess said...

The gingerbread house turned out super cute! Love the idea of the decorating contest too :)

l5pkel said...

For even more decorating ideas for your gingerbread house kit, check out They have tons of pictures too.

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