Thursday, June 7, 2007

Victoria's Not So Secret 100 Ways Bra

With summer virtually upon us, it is time to wear all of those cute, and sometimes revealing, tops. But have you ever looked at a top and said, "How am I going to wear that without a bra?" Too many times I have passed on a cute top because (especially as a mom now) I can't pull off a top without a bra...Well, Victoria's Secret has created a bra that can be worn, get this, 100 ways! Hence the name 100 Way Strapless Convertible Bra. They even made a chart to show each and every way you can wear it.
What is also great about the bra is that they have created it with eyelets throughout the inseam of the bra so that you can attach a strap according to your body, not just where VS thinks you should attach it. The bra comes with 3 sets of straps: regular, halter and a low-back coverter strap to wear with backless outfits. And if you hurry, you can save 25% on this bra. Regularly, the bra is $49.50, but it is currently on sale for just $37. Now no top is too strappy or low that it can't be worn with a bra!
P.S. I hope the amazing model at the top of the post didn't scare you into thinking this was a "gentlemen's" blog. I was going to model it and take a picture of myself but thought I would spare you the horror!


hiphostess said...

wow - this is crazy looking! smart idea though...might have to try it out :)

Anonymous said...

I just read that Victoria's Secret STOLE this idea from a mother of 4, who invented it in 2002, had it patented in 2004, and who showed it to VS and had a meeting with them to discuss it. VS then canceled the meeting saying their attorneys said not to use it. Yetm, here is the product. Hmmmm....if this is true, SHAME on you, Victoria's Secret! It's a GREAT idea, and if it's someone else's, you should be sued.

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