Monday, May 14, 2007

Sweet Display!!!

I would like to congratulate our friends, Chris and Sarah, who got married this past weekend. Thanks for a great wedding and a great blog post. Their wedding was an intimate gathering and they had a display that could make anyone's sweet tooth sweeter.

As you can see from the photos, many different types of sweets were used including, M&M's, Oreos, Red Vines, Tootsie Roll lollipops, chocolate covered pretzels, caramel corn, and candy kabobs using a variety of sour candies.
After seeing this display, I thought this would be great at many types of events. And after seeing how much of it was gone at the end of the wedding, I knew it was a big hit with other guests, too.

As with this display, you can choose to keep a color scheme or you can make it full of lively colors. The key is all the different containers at different levels and heights. The most important thing...have fun with it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love candy. It must have been a fantastic wedding!

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