Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finish Rich...and Still Married

Smart Couples Finish Rich...so, this is a book on CD I was given at a meeting a couple of weeks ago by my boss. After I freaked out about money for the millionth time last week, I decided to give the CD a try. Since finishing the CD, I haven't been able to shut up about it to my friends and family.

I initially thought with the title that it was just about how to retire well. But the book isn't about becoming infinitely wealthy. Instead, it is about how to stay married and live the life that you and your spouse want to live...and oh yeah, how to make your money fit into that life. As the author cleverly points out, money is the #1 reason couples argue and also the #1 reason they get divorced.

The author, David Bach, gives simple exercises for you and your partner to go through so that you can understand eachother's values, create life goals and financials goals around those values, and then follow up with those goals. He also gives valuable tips for retirement and taking care of your family in case something unexpected happens.

You know, at work, all the time we create these silly goals and action plans. But this action plan is something that you can actually stay committed to...after all, it is your life!

Check out Smart Couples Finish Rich either in print or audiobook.

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