Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Uses for Household Items

This morning, on Good Morning America, Real Simple magazine featured new uses for ordinary household items. Here are a few of the new uses:

Transparent Tape
Old Use: Sticking things together
New Use: Cleaning computer keyboard

Pam Cooking Spray
Old Use: Nonstick cooking and baking
New Use: Finishes, dries nail polish

Cut Lemon
Old Use: Flavor
New Use: Clean cheese grater

Old Use: Side dish
New Use: Clean coffee grinder

Old Use: Writing on blackboard
New Use: Preventing silver tarnish

Powdered Lemonade (Crystal Light, Koolaid)
Old Use: Refreshment
New Use: Clean dishwasher

For more on how to use these items and the science behind it, click here.
Photo courtesy of www.abcnews.com/gma


hiphostess said...

crystal light to clean the dishwasher?! I never would have guessed :)

Katie said...

Using chalk to help prevent your silver from tarnishing is amazing. Polishing silver is such a pain in the you know what!

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