Saturday, December 30, 2006

How to Remember It's 2007

It never fails...even though January 1st comes and goes with a bang, I can never remember what year it is. By March I finally have it down. And from what I have heard, I am not alone.

A great way to speed up this 2007 learning curve is by making a calendar featuring your family and friends. Kodak Easy Share Gallery and Shutterfly have great calendars you can customize. I have used both in past years and been very happy with the final product.

A new calendar source I found this year is the Costco Photo Center. Costco has simliar calendar layouts to Kodak and Shutterfly but also offers a cool feature of adding pictures to dates throughout the calendar. (Kodak and Shutterfly only allow you to add text to a date.) This is a great way to always be prepared for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc. In addition, Costco charges half the price of Kodak and Shutterfly (only $9.95). Of Course, photo calendars are always a great gift idea, too!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I made one these calendars and gave them out as Christmas gifts to grandparents. They were a big hit!

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