Tuesday, December 19, 2006


When I first started dating my now-husband back in '99, he always made fun of me because I got stuck in conversations about houses, couches and babies with all of his friends' wives. (Seriously, they were all married!) All I wanted to think about was what fun event we were going to on Saturday night. Fast forward to 2006 and I find myself married, a homeowner, a couch owner and a mommy. Now all I do is talk about houses, couches and babies!

Child-Friendly Furniture

So, let's combine all three, shall we...I have a great product that I have turned several of my mommy friends on to...the Sullivan Ottoman from Pottery Barn. It has been around for a while, but I still have girlfriends buying them now. (In my mind, it is an oldy, but a goody!) I will admit I actually bought the ottoman prior to having my son because my calves were always in pain from resting my feet on our coffee table. But after my son became mobile, the corners, the edges, and just the plain hard surface of a wood or glass coffee table were no longer a concern of mine. Plus, it breaks from the norm of traditional coffee tables. If you want to serve food or beverages on it (when the kiddies aren't around), a great tray or flat basket will do the trick!

If you are concerned about taking care of leather, don't be. I have found these amazing wipes that have cleaned up spilled milk and sticky fingers. They are simply called Leather Wipes and are made by Weiman. I picked mine up at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and I am sure other similar stores sell them as well. More importantly, you won't have to buy those hideous corner protectors that never seem to work anyway.

Oh, and if leather is not your cup of tea, you can find similar ottoman/coffee tables that are upholstered. An elegant example of this is the Alexandria Ottoman, which can also be found at Pottery Barn.

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