Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12 Days of Christmas...Elmo style!

If you or your child likes Elmo (or perhaps as in the case of my son, Elmo was his third word spoken), then you are going to love the 12 Days of Christmas Elmo from Fisher-Price. Elmo is dressed up as an adorable elf and has his own silly version of the holiday classic. Not only is it a fun toy and a great gift, but a cute holiday decoration for your child's room - or anywhere else in the house you want the furry red monster to sit!

Another fun option is the Very Merry Trio available at Hallmark. The smile these singing penguins and snowman bring to my son's face made it a worthwhile purchase, but the dance moves he displays with this trio makes it priceless. I will be honest, I thought this singing trio might get annoying very quickly, but watching the little penguin tail ring a bell makes it even comical for the hardest to please. And besides, in their TV commercial, this trio lifts everyone's spirits who are delayed at the if this trio could really do that...we should all be buying singing penguins and snowmen by the truckload. For now, I recommend just starting with one. (The Very Merry Trio is only $14.95 if you purchase 3 Hallmark cards.)

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