Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What Vitamins Do Your Kids Take?

The past weekend at my girlfriend getaway one of the topics was if you give your children a multivitamin. I have several friends who swear by the juice plus chewable vitamins. My toddlers have always been pretty good eaters and my pediatrician has never suggested it, so I hadn't considered it until now. I found this article from the Mayo Clinic helpful.

I also liked this one from WebMD that covers the foods groups your child should be eating. I never have much trouble getting my kids to eat fruits, protein and whole grains. Veggies can sometimes be a problem, so I fill sneak them in with homemade broccoli applesauce, carrot applesauce, salads, and green smoothies with spinach, flax seed and wheat germ.

Do you children take a multivitamin and if so what kind?

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The Mrs. said...

I feel like I got bullied into giving my kids vitamins by my Mom and sister (who has no kids). Clearly they are not working at the Mayo clinic! That being said they get sick a lot so giving it a shot!

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