Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting the House Ready for Easter

Last year I had my fabulous decorator friend help me decorate for Easter. This year I attempted to decorate myself. I pulled out all the decorations a week ago and they sat uninspired on my counter until yesterday when my mom started moving things around.

After about 10 minutes and multiple distractions by the twins she said let's call Cynthia. So it was our dear friend and designer, Cynthia to the rescue again. With not much to work with she turned several baskets and bunnies, a few porcelain eggs and a bag or two of fake flowers into several vignettes that finally make my house feel like spring!

I don't have a master centerpiece on the table yet for Easter brunch because we use our table so much for everyday arts and crafts. Instead she threw on a spring runner and a basket full of plastic eggs with a cute bow, totally child friendly and easy to move out of the way for now. I can swap it out for tulips if I'm having guests. I'm always amazed what she can do with a bit of ribbon and some flowers. She just throws it all together like magic.

My girls love it when she comes to decorate, they say she's here to make our house pretty! I have to agree with them, it does seem kind of boring without holiday decorations up! Here's a sampling of some of the things she put together.

Posted by Liz


betty baez said...

how cute! i love the lemon filled jars

Courtney B said...

love the bunnies!:) gorgeous.. cant wait to see the end result!

Mami2jcn said...

I love the bunnies! Adorable!

Michele P. said...

she did a great job... I've got to get my house decorated a little bit tomorrow!

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