Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Basket Madness

I'm proud to announce that the Easter Bunny was early this year. He dropped off complete, colorful, and candy free baskets in record time. I guess Peter Rabbit knew that I needed to check at least one thing off my list before the big day. Truthfully, it only took a trip to Target and the Dollar Store along with a few things from the 2012 Pier 1 after Easter sale. Now they just need a colorful bow and a special tag. My girls don't really like candy yet, so that part was easy. I on the other hand would love a reason other than myself to stock up on the yummy, chocolate, Easter treats. Here's run down on what's inside. FYI, I made a point to add some snacks and activities that we could take with us to keep the kids busy at our family gathering, later that afternoon.

1. Spring Coloring Books (Dollar Tree)
2. Spring Crayons (Target 99 cents)
3. Butterfly spray bottle for the garden (Target Dollar Section)
4. Bunny bouncy ball (Pier 1)
5. Bunny bath puff (Pier 1)
6. Easter bunny ears
7. Goldfish
8. Squirt applesauce
9. Glitter and easter egg chalk (Target and Dollar Tree)
10. Dress up bracelets (Dollar Tree)
11. Dora Squeeze No-Spill bubbles (Target 2.99)

What's in your Easter basket? Please share, we'd love to know. My mother in law went with a princess theme and got the girls dress up outfits, princess dolls, and princess jewelry and wands. I'm sure the girls are going to go crazy for all their fun Easter surprises!

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throuthehaze said...

cute basket! I think it is great that it isn't just filled with candy :)

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