Friday, February 8, 2013

Gifts that The Kids are Still Playing with After Christmas

Everyday since the tree came down, my girls keep reminding each other and the rest of us that Christmas is over and there are no more presents under the tree. As much as we are missing all the excitement of the holidays, we're enjoying the gifts they received. The coolest gift might be the matching Schwinn Pink Roadsters. So far they've practiced riding them around the house and into every wall and piece of furniture. We've also been up the sidewalk and back. Well, we're mostly scooting rather than riding, but they'll catch on eventually. Of course, no trike rider's attire would be complete without a pink Dora bike helmet.

The girls have also really taken to the the Melissa & Doug Sort and Snap. It is a board that comes with colored shapes with holes and colored pieces that snap in. They already know their colors, but this is a great activity for teaching them about matching and sorting.

This isn't really a toy, but a week or so before Christmas I bought a memory foam toddler pillow. I wanted to see if they would take to it. They both love it and are now fighting over it day and night. We've already ordered another. I love that it is light and easy to wash. I didn't have to pay shipping, but just had it sent to Wal-mart where I could go and pick it up in store.

I did a major clean-out of toys before the holidays, but I think I need to do another. I'm still tripping over toys in every room. We've passed about 1/2 of our toys onto other families with little ones. I've also started storing away activities that have lost some interest. I've found that having some activities out of sight for awhile makes them more exciting later on. After Christmas I put together a Grandma bin. My girls are spoiled by their Grandma who often babysits and enjoys having activities to do with them to keep them busy and out of trouble. I've put all of her recent purchases in a special container for her to use when she comes to play.

What toys are your kids enjoying from the holidays?

Posted by Liz


The Mrs. said...

Landon loves his jeep! Poor thing can't drive right now with a cast though!!

Leslie Swan said...

The Mrs., Isn't it so great when they actually play with their Christmas presents! I'm sorry to hear that Landon can't drive his jeep right now. Hopefully sometime soon!

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