Monday, January 28, 2013

Razor Flash Rider 360 Review

It is amazing to think that Christmas was already over a month ago.  At this time of the year, I always like to look around at the toys that my kids received as Christmas presents and decide which ones are truly hits, and the ones that are misses.  (Oh, and I like to compare that to how desperately they said they wanted the present, too!)

One sure hit for my 7-year old son was the Razor Flash Rider 360.  The best way I can explain this toy is like a big wheel with a hand brake that allows you to spin all the way around.  When pulling the hand brake, it causes sparks which the kids really seem to love.  Reviews online seemed mixed about this toy, but I am here to tell you my son loves it!  The two boys down the street were so excited about his Razor Flash Rider 360 that they got one just a few days after Christmas.

Here is my son demonstrating how it works:

I am so glad that my son loves his Razor Flash Rider 360 because it gets him outside in the fresh air and allows him to get energy out.  It is fun to see him try little tricks and spin around.  He's low enough to the ground so I feel he is pretty safe on it.  Of course, he always has to wear his helmet when riding it.

If your child asks for a Razor Flash Rider 360, I highly recommend getting it  for him or her!

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