Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Son's 7-year Anniversary of His First Haircut

My son gets his hair cut every 4-5 weeks.  As he was getting his hair cut today, I started thinking back to his first haircut. 

I realized three things:

1.  He has had about 84 haircuts in his lifetime
2.  All of his haircuts have been at Cool Cuts for Kids
3.  His first haircut was the day before his daddy's birthday, and today is the day before his daddy's birthday!

I know it is silly to even mention something like this, but I thought it was a fun coincidence.  And a great way to wish my husband a Happy Birthday, a day early!

Posted by Leslie


Fawn Weaver said...

Happy birthday to your hubby...a day early!

Leslie Swan said...

Thanks Fawn! I hope you like my post for him tomorrow, too!

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