Friday, November 30, 2012

The Kids' First Trip to the Golden Gate Bridge

Over the Thanksgiving week break my kids had from school, we decided to visit our family in San Francisco and, on a rare and fog-free day, we were able to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge and visit one of the Vista/View points.

My son was excited to use one of the binocular contractions and gave us his best smiley face.

My diva daughter, on the other hand, decided that she didn't want to smile for any pictures - Always a plus when taking your kids to do something awesome that they totally don't appreciate!

But, once she got her hands on one of the binocular/telescope thingys that she couldn't see anything out of anyway, she was happy.

After a whopping 10 minutes at the vista point, the kids were ready to go back to their aunt and uncle's house on the other side of the Golden Gate. 

It's a day like this that I am thrilled we didn't put much effort or planning into the event. We had fun for a short time and moved on to the next thing. Oh, to be a kid again with a short attention span!

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