Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Activities to Keep the Kids Happy

Thanks to some amazing bloggers and Pinterest, I'm grateful to have so many creative ideas and activities for the little ones this Thanksgiving.

This year our family gathering will be about 20+ people and very few kids, my twins (age 2) and their twin cousins (age 8). I tried to pull together a few activities that the little and big ones can enjoy doing together.

Last year, we spent the entire afternoon chasing the babies around the house trying to keep them from breaking things, climbing the stairs, or hurting themselves on the brick fireplace. My husband and I were exhausted, and the entire afternoon was a blur. To tell you the truth, it wasn't any fun at all. I hope this year we can all enjoy ourselves. The girls are old enough now that they can sit and play at least long enough for me to enjoy some turkey and a glass of wine.

A mother can dream can't she?

I thought we'd start the afternoon off with the turkey scavenger hunt outside. The winner with the most turkeys will receive a prize, of course! Then before our toes are frozen, we'll move inside for some coloring pages for the little ones and Thanksgiving trivia questions for the older ones. In a party full of so many adults, trivia questions are a fun way to get all ages interacting. For more holiday entertainment, there will be board games, crossword puzzles and pumpkin play dough.

I'm saving the best for last, the rice krispy treat turkeys, will be great for entertaining the kids during dinner. I know my little ones will love this activity because it is so similar to the play dough/cheerio project we do at home. If all else fails, I'll be stocked with plenty of stickers to put all over the table.

Thanksgiving Activity Resources:

Turkey Hunt Printable
Coloring Pages
Thanksgiving Trivia
Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle
Pumpkin Pie Play Dough
Turkey Rice Krispy Treats

Happy Thanksgiving!

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