Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Welcome Guests During This Holiday Season

It always seems that during the holidays I have many last minute or unexpected visitors. And while I absolutely love having guests over, as soon as I get the call, I run around, clean up the toys, straighten the house, and see what I have to serve.

Even if I don't have time for all of the above, I love to have out a beverage tray. This way I can offer my guests a drink when they come in from the cold. It is so easy to put together with a few mugs, several teas, honey, sugar, your favorite instant hot cocoa and you're set.

I usually make this up come October and leave it out through January. If you don't have counter space, put it together and store it away in your pantry and then you can pull it out when guests arrive.
If you have a fun coffee/drink machine, you could put together a tray with a chocolate spoons, festive napkins, sweetener or sugar, marshmallows, Bailey's, etc.

I find that it is an unexpected and thoughtful way to welcome your guests. Happy host/hostessing!

Posted by Liz

{Images above from www.stonegableblog.com and brandyscrafts.blogspot.com}

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