Monday, November 5, 2012

Feel-Fabulous Fashion Styles for Any Fall Event

I love to shop and I often get calls or emails from friends looking for suggestions about fabulous fashion styles to wear to an event. The latest fashion dilemma was what to wear to a fall baptism.  My girlfriend spent an entire day shopping and found a dress she kind of liked, but knew she wouldn't wear multiple times. 

I came up with a few suggestions for her and then decided to check out Pinterest for more inspiration. I was looking for fashion styles that could easily be worn to almost any fall event.  

I think the key to feeling and looking your best at your holiday events is not to feel like you're going to work, but to use some of those same pieces and spice them up. 

Black pants in whatever style look best on you, are always a safe bet. 

A silky or sheer blouse under a blazer adds some edgy style to your cold weather clothes.

A black wrap dress can be worn to almost anything by changing up the jewelry and the shoes.

By having a few of these items on hand you won't have to worry about what to wear. Stock up on the latest shoes of the season and some fun jewelry, a cute clutch and you're set with Feel Fabulous fashion styles

All black w/ necklace
Black wrap dress
Polka Dot blouse
Green blouse
Peplum Dress

Posted by Liz


Katy said...

I'm loving the wide-leg black pants with a flowy blouse right now. Love the peplum dress you posted, to. Super cute!

Leslie Swan said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Katy. We are loving the wide-leg pants with the flowing blouse, too! If only it weren't 90 degrees in California right now, maybe we could actually wear that outfit!

Kell & Nick said...

I love fall and I love fall fashion! These outfits are super cute!!!

won said...

I love the first outfit. It's something I'd wear to that thing I have tomorrow that I'm wondering what to wear to!

Tara said...

Love that black Banana Republic dress! It would be very versatile in my closet!

Tiffany said...

That black wrap dress is what I've been looking for! thanks for sharing it! Heading to Banana Republic to try it on soon! =)

Leslie Swan said...

We are so glad you like some of these fall fashion style ideas. We'd love to hear any of your ideas, too!

Thomas Murphy said...

I love the black wrap dress, my GF would look awesome in it!

shaunie w said...

I love the outfits ...thank you, not only did your info help her but also helped me... I love to shop as well... i really liked the ideas and the advice you gave to her ... well done!!

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