Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you stick to your Target shopping list? (I sure can't!)

Have you ever put together a shopping list for Target and walked out with just the items on your list?  Kudos to you if you have, because that is certainly a rarity for me.
Last night, I swore to my husband that I would not go to Target for any reason for the next month!  I tend to get carried away there. 

Not even 24 hours later, guess where I was? That's right, Target. (That bullseye is brilliant because it really does draw me in.)

I had a return.  You can't fault me for that right? With twins in tow, I ran through as fast as I could and only bought the toddler necessities. 

I'm crazy for the dollar bin grab and go play packs. They keep restocking these in different varieties. Today we bought the princess pack, and a few of the Christmas themed packs. I love that they come with stickers, crayons and a coloring book. They are small enough to carry in my purse and the diaper bag for keeping the kids busy while out to eat. They also would make a great stocking stuffer. 

Since everyone in my house is sick, we're out of Boogie Wipes. These scented saline wipes keep their little noses from getting red and irritated during cold and flu season. I love the stay fresh and easy to carry pouch. 

While in the baby section, I kept getting requests from two little blondes for some applesauce. That's what my girls call the organic pouch baby food. We love all the flavors and one brand (Happy Tot) happened to be on sale today, so we picked up a variety. They are great for on the go snacks. In fact, we took a few to the park and had a picnic. 

Now how long will it take for me to have to go back?  What are go-to items on your Target shopping list?

Posted by Liz


Jo-Anna Redway said...

My go-to items shoes and cute tops! Always! Target has a wide variety to choose from I always get caught up in their selections. :)

Daisies Crochet said...

Something cute for my girl;)

Katy said...

I can never stick to the list. The hardest part for me to get around is the little "Dollar Store" bins at the front of the store. They get me every time!

I always have to look through the clearance clothes and shoes, too...and the makeup...ugh!

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