Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to Make Hair Bows - a DIY Tutorial

This fall I am so excited to be the coach for my daughter's soccer team. Before the season started,  I was able to meet up with the team and give them their uniforms. Because the uniforms are red and black, the girls decided they want their team name to be the Ladybugs.

As the coach (and a mommy) I couldn't resist the opportunity to make he girls matching hair bows.

Here are the steps I took to make these simple hair ties:

First I went to Target and purchased elastic hair ties. (I found them in the dollar bins. Score!) Then, I went to Michaels to buy red, black, white and ladybug ribbons of different textures, sheen and widths and cut equal-length pieces of each. (Of course, these colors matched my ladybug theme, and you can choose any ribbons of your liking. I do recommend choosing at least 2 or 3 different colors or sheen to show depth.)

Then I stacked the ribbons on top of each other, making sure the colors and widths varied. Using a thin ribbon, I knotted the ribbon on a hair tie. (For girls with shorter hair, you can knot the ribbon on a bobby pin instead.)

Once the thin ribbon was knotted, I placed my stack of ribbons on top of the knot, tying and knotting the ribbon now around the stack. With that "tying" ribbon, you can either choose to let it hang like the rest of the ribbons or tie it in a bow. I went with a bow for this hair tie.

Once the knot was secure, I then pulled the ribbons in a staggered side to side pattern so that they flared out from one another.

Voila! A spirited, bouncing and behaving hair bow!

For a video on how to make a hair bow, check out the video I learned from made by Treats and Treasures.

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funfavorites said...

Cute idea and so easy! I love it! I used to wear big bows for soccer all the time when I was little.

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