Sunday, September 23, 2012

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season Finale Did Not Disappoint

I am not going to lie.  I had been excited to watch the season finale of Real Housewives of New Jersey for a few days, and finally it aired tonight.

Did things become clear to you?  They became clear to me.  (BTW, I will give all of my opinions as if none of the antics on the show are staged, even though I know they have to be.)

In case you missed it, all the housewives were at the Posche fashion show.  The same fashion show where Teresa and Kathy got in a fight last year and the same fashion show that Teresa and Danielle got into a fight and Jacqueline's daughter, Ashley, yanked out some of Danielle's extensions.  Did you notice the common thread for both of those fashion shows?

Yes, Teresa was the common thread. 

So, shockingly enough, Teresa was in the center of the storm at this fashion show as well.  (And the center of any storm is exactly where she wants to be because she feels that makes her more valuable to the show and makes her more money.  The sad thing is, she is probably right.)

I did not watch much of the first season of RHONJ, that is until I heard about the table-flipping incident.  Yet another attention-getting antic performed by Teresa.  Since then, I have been a big fan of the show, and have watched how everyone has a problem with Teresa, however, as she likes to say, that is just because they are jealous of her.  Since that thought is so laughable, I won't throw in my two cents beyond that.
Is Kim D a trouble maker???

This episode centered around a random bald guy that Teresa met earlier in the day of the Posche fashion show who claimed that Melissa worked for him as a stripper many years ago. On camera, Teresa made it very clear she didn't want him to talk any more about her sister-in-law, but then suddenly, while at the fashion show, he decides to come up and chat with Melissa.  After his awkward interaction, you then hear him talking and laughing with another nameless woman about how he was told to go up and talk to Melissa and that it was all set up.  Meanwhile, Jacqueline is getting texts at dinner from a mutual friend contending that Teresa is going to really start something tonight, however, she didn't know who the target would be. 

Wait, so Teresa wants to make this season finale center around her???  Impossible!

A funny highlight of tonight's finale was when all the housewives and Lauren are sitting at their table eating dinner, and Jacqueline, Lauren and Caroline are all texting back and forth to each other wondering what the heck is going on and they are literally sitting right next to each other.  Ahhh, what would we ever do without cell phones!?!?

Meanwhile, Teresa is the in the bathroom and Melissa continues to say she can't remember how she knows the guy but she has met him somewhere before.  Yet, as soon as Teresa tells Melissa that the bald guy said she was a dancer at his club, Melissa specifically remembers bartending for just one week at his club.  Selective memory?  Perhaps.  But as most people would agree, who really cares if she was a dancer, stripper, bartender or not.  As long as you make for good TV, you are good with us!

Melissa calls her husband, Joe, and he comes down to the fashion show with one of my favorite people on the show, Richie, Kathy's husband.  At that point, a war of words ensues, and in typical fashion (no pun intended), Teresa contends she didn't do anything but try to protect her sister-in-law.  Although, do you remember in an earlier episode this season, Caroline, giving her confessional interview explaining how Teresa said Melissa used to be a stripper a gold-digger and asked her not to be friends with Melissa?  I do. 

So even though Jacqueline often says that things don't add up, things seem to add up pretty well to me. Oh, and while everyone else is upset outside, the camera is on Teresa living it up inside the fashion show party.  And as I see it, she was happier at that point because she had a camera crew all to herself and she was not longer sharing the spotlight with the other housewives.

Teresa is out to make a buck from this whole experience (I can't say I blame her. I mean why else would you do it?), but as a result, her relationships and reputation are in the crapper.  I mean, did you see and hear what her husband said on the phone while they were having dinner in a vineyard in Napa???  Even if her husband is not cheating on her, the fact that he referred to her as a "cu*t" (a.k.a. female reproductive part) says to me that their relationship has issues.  I mean, could you imagine watching that episode if you were Teresa?  I would be devastated to hear my husband refer to me as that.  Like Biggie Smalls pointed out so many years ago, "Mo' money, Mo' problems."

Why does it matter if Joe Giudice's brother was at the fashion show?

The one element of the episode that didn't make sense to me was Joe Giudice's brother being at the fashion show, and why they continued to make a big deal about it.  He really didn't seem to play a role in "the set up," he just provided the shots!

I must give my husband a lot of credit because I made him watch this episode with me, and paused it several times so I could make sure he was up to speed and hypothesize.  He didn't roll his eyes at me once.  And yes, I do feel pathetic hypothesizing about reality TV!

Now, we have to wait a whole week for the first of three reunion episodes!?!?  Oh, the torture!

What are your thoughts of the RHONJ season and finale episode?  Who do you side with, if anyone? I would love to hear your thoughts (as long as they are appropriate and in good taste!).

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funfavorites said...

I love this show! This is my favorite cast. My husband and I both watch all the Houswives. I can't wait for next week to get the real scoop.

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