Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bachelorette...Of Course I Watched!

Ahhh, last night was so refreshing.  Last season of The Bachelor made me question whether or not I was going to watch the show ever again (sad thing: it took me 15 minutes to even remember who the last Bachelor was!  Ben, in case you forgot, too!), but just as the shows producers anticipated, Emily pulled me right in!

So glad to see she got producers to come to her home town so that she could be with her daughter.  (Jason Mesnick was probably kicking himself when he heard about that!)

I liked that the show was only an hour and a half.  It wasn't as drawn out as they usually make it, plus did you see Emily speed through the rose ceremony???  I hope that's how she does the rest of the season!

So, who are the early front runners?  It's anyone's guess. She gave Doug, the single dad from Seattle, the first impression rose after he gave her a sweet note from his 11-year old son.  The note was really sweet, but at what point are they going to realize that they are both single parents and that in order for a relationship to work, one of them is going to have to uproot their child and move across the country?

Yeah, I don't see that happening.

Here are are my front-runners:

Ryan from Augusta(who interestingly doesn't have a bio on The Bachelorette page on abc.com)

Chris from Chicago

Arie from Arizona (race car driver)

Who do you think she will pick?  Who do you want Emily to pick?  Who don't you want Emily to pick?

Images from abc.com

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