Friday, March 2, 2012

Tooth Fairy Lessons

Earlier this week I shared the exciting news that my 6-year old son lost his third tooth.  And when it comes to how much money the tooth fairy should give in exchange for the tooth has always been a great wonder to me.  As a kid, getting a dollar bill was always so exciting. 

Since I was out of town when he lost his first tooth, the tooth fairy set a high precedent of $5/tooth.  So, after our son received $5 for his third tooth lost, I was shocked to hear my son say, "I wish I got two dollars instead of five."

What???  Immediately I started going over number values and how 5 is more than 2.  He then responded, "I know. I know.  I just wish I got 2 dollars instead of 1 five-dollar."

Ah-ha!  So he doesn't care about the quality of his money from the tooth fairy, he cares about the quantity, as in, he would rather have 2 one-dollar bills instead of 1 five-dollar bill.  (Just as in he would rather have 5 Skittles rather than just 2.) This is great to know.  I will have to pass this interesting information on to the tooth fairy. 

Sometimes, you just have to love kids and their logic!

Happy Friday!

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