Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Little Jedi

We had a fabulous time yesterday at Disneyland and California Adventure.  A couple of weeks ago I brought my 4-year old daughter to meet the princesses for the first time and I started to tear up because I was so excited for her!

This time, it was my son's turn (to make me tear up)!  We went on Star Tours for the first time as a family, and wouldn't you know it, our son was identified as a Rebel spy by Darth Vader.  His picture came up on the screen and everything!  Then, after going to the Tomorrowland Inventions exhibit (basically an opportunity to play free video games), we headed over to the Jedi Training Academy.

My son and I waited for about 35 minutes while the hubby and our 4-year old went on the Finding Nemo Submarine ride.  During that entire 35 minutes, my son continued to say, "I hope I am the chosen one.  I hope I am the chosen one."  Since I hadn't seen the show before, I was a little anxious about whether or not he would get picked as well.  The last thing I wanted to deal with was a crying kid because he didn't get picked. (I'm just keepin' it real!)

As our luck would have it, he was the second Jedi-in-training chosen, and boy was he excited!  They gave him a robe and a light saber and he took his training very seriously.

After the training was complete, he then got the opportunity to battle Darth Vader!

After defeating Darth Vader, he was given a Jedi Training certificate.  Naturally, he used that as his light saber the rest of the day - walking around pretending to attack others.  Oh, and he also told us we could now call him "Jedi Jacob."

Call him that we did!
{Insert Yoda voice}

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