Monday, December 5, 2011

Shopping for a New Car - Let the Fun Begin!

The lease is up on my car in March.  That means I need to figure out what car works best for our family now.  And because we are nearing the year-end (when deals/incentives and prices at dealerships are often at their best), we have decided to step up our research efforts and see if we can figure out what car we want to buy in the next couple of weeks.

I don't know if you have seen a lot of them as well, but the ads on TV lately really worked on me.  I logged on to and started configuring the cars I am interested immediately.  Once I figured out the features I wanted, then provided me with a price that I should pay for the car.  A price, I might add, that is well under the MSRP.  Me likey! 

Then, I clicked on a button to get price guarantees from 3 (relatively) local dealerships.  Basically, when I am ready to buy the car, I will walk into a dealership with the price guarantee their internet sales department quoted me.  Ideally, and hopefully, it will be that simple. 

Which begs the question, why doesn't everyone get the same great/lower price from the internet/fleet department?  Does the extra research really save you thousands of dollars?  Only time will tell.

I have now spoken to several of the dealerships from which I received price guarantees and have set up test drives.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed all goes well!

If you have any tricks or tips to getting a great deal on a car, please feel free to share!

UP NEXT:  The test drives!

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