Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trick or Treating Tip

When we went trick or treating last year with a 5-year old and nearly 3-year old, we decided to bring the double stroller, just in case they got tired. And this was certainly a good plan because there were a few times when there was a lot of walking and not many houses, and this was a great way to let them rest.

But that is not my tip.

My tip is what I wish I would have done last year, and what I am definitely doing next year. At this age, kids get tired from walking for a while, and they certainly get exhausted from carrying their candy buckets/bags. As a result, I had to carry their buckets in between front doors. (Yes, I know, that is when I should say that we have had enough trick or treating, but they wanted to keep going.)

I wished I had an additional plastic bag (perhaps from Target because their bags are nice and sturdy) to dump some of the candy from their buckets in so the kids could keep going. And that way, I don't end up carrying their candy!


The Mrs. said...

That is a great tip and too funny! These kids are raking it in!!!

Houses, Couches and Babies said...

Seriously! They do rake it in! Luckily, a local dentist collects candy from trick or treating and the the school that donates the most candy gets a cash donation. My son's elementary school has won the past couple of years! Of course, we pick out our favorite candies before handing it over to the dentist! ;)

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