Friday, October 14, 2011

This or That: Yogurt Pretzels vs. Chocolate Pretzels

For years, I have always figured that yogurt pretzels were more healthy not as bad for you as chocolate covered pretzels.  While on one of my recent shopping trips to Sprouts (formerly Henry's), I actually took a minute to look at the nutritional information posted on the yogurt pretzels and milk chocolate pretzels.  Here is what I found:

Both had the same amount of total fat (9.0g), same Sugars (16g), but Milk Chocolate covered pretzels actually have less saturated fat (6g vs. 9g), less sodium (140mg vs. 150mg) less carbs (27g vs. 29g) and more protein and fiber.

I know the differences aren't huge, but I have always thought that a yogurt option would be healthier than a chocolate option.  But I guess that isn't always the case.  Just one more reason why it is important to read labels!

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