Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Piano Lesson is Fun"

While I was pregnant with #1, we inherited a beautiful piano from my husband's Great Aunt.  The piano is nearly 100 years old and has survived a move from Northern to Southern California, as well as our 1-hour away SoCal move last year.  But it never gets played.

That is until the kids started piano lessons a couple of weeks ago.  The kids have both learned a few basic songs from their teacher, Ms. Lily, and are practicing daily.  What's great about getting the kids started is that I have started picking up what they are learning and my husband and dusted off some of his old music books.  So far, "Mary Had a Little Lamb" is my strongest piece.  He played the theme song to "Hill Street Blues" but mine was still pretty impressive.

It's exciting to have the piano be more than just a beautiful furniture piece and hear such beautiful music in the house.  And it is nice that we can all get around something besides a TV show, movie or board game.  Let's just keep our fingers crossed we keep at it!

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