Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Photo Session Success

So these are just two of the photos that were taken at Friday's photo shoot!  I am so excited to see the rest!  Our photographer, Melissa, was such a joy to work with and the kids had so much fun with her! 

A couple things I did learn from the photo shoot:
  • Triple-check the weather!  It was a nice day where we lived, but by the time the late afternoon rolled around, the time our photo shoot was set, it was getting pretty cool.  I should have planned for us to wear more fall/winter appropriate clothing.  But I couldn't help it...I love summer clothes!
  •  Don't let your six-year old son who is afraid of snakes see a warning sign about snakes in the area.  (That resulted in a few tense moments!)
  • I can have so much fun with my husband and kids just smiling and hanging out.  It was such a treat for the hubby and I to see our kids smiling, laughing, "fake" laughing, having fun, and seeing their personalities come out in front of our photographer.  And what is even better is knowing that she documented it all.
Thanks again to Melissa of Melissa Vossler Photography for a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening!

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The Mrs. said...

Looks gorgeous!!!!

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