Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Lego Camp is a thousand times fun!"

This week is the first full week of summer vacation and my 6-year old has been thrilled to wake up every morning and go to Lego Camp.

That's right, Lego Camp.

Well, technically it is an engineering camp, but they use Legos to build cars, 25-foot towers, and even motorized objects. For example, today he built a gondola that then traveled down on a rope. He said the camp is "a thousand times fun!"

On the first day of camp, they constructed cars and raced them down ramps. You can see my son's car above. He was so proud of it.

One last thing that is so great about this camp, all the kids are running into the room where the camp is held. All of us parents are laughing that we actually have to go and get a hug from them because they are too busy already building stuff as soon as they get there.

For more information on Lego Camp, check out Play-Well Engineering Camps.

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