Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bachelorette Drama

Yay! The Bachelorette started last night, and naturally I was glued to the tube for 2 hours.

It was your typical meet and greet episode, with the exception of the mask guy, Jeff, and the drunk guy award winner, Tim, who passed out during the cocktail party. (As a liquor distributor, I was very disappointed that he didn't have a higher tolerance!)

And then there was Bentley. If this whole story-line isn't a producer plant, then I don't know what is! Ashley was actually forewarned about this guy from a supposed friend, and she still kept him! I understand she doesn't want to have regrets, but wouldn't not listening to a friend be considered a regret, too?!?

Here is a clip of Ashley on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The sneak peek of next week's show - and Bentley's comments - are definitely worth tuning in for.

Image from People.com

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