Monday, April 11, 2011

Mario Bros. Comes Full Circle

If you are like me, you remember playing the Super Mario Bros. video game on what I believe was the original Nintendo gaming system. After all, we did just refer to it as "Nintendo." I have fond memories of trying to defeat my older brother in Mike Tyson's Punch Out (I can still here the referee's computerized voice say, "TKO") and in Super Mario Bros. I never succeeded at defeating him, but I always had fun trying.

Fast forward 20 years and the boy in my life now, my son, is in love with his Nintendo - Wii, that is - and is in love with Super Mario Bros., too. I am kind of ashamed to admit that my 5-year old is good at Super Mario Bros. Perhaps it is because he plays too much, perhaps it is because he is gifted. I will go with the latter.

But what I am not ashamed to say is that I, and I alone, saved Princess Peach from Bowser at the end of World 8. I wished I had a video camera taping our entire families reaction to Bowser's defeat. Sorry Disney, but it was actually more exciting and dramatic than the video clips of kids learning they were going to Disneyland. High fives were flying all over the room. My son jumped into my husband's arms in jubilation and my daughter kept screaming, "Mommy, you did it!"

And all I could think in my head was, "Suck it, Phil!" (Big bro, you know I love you!)

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